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    Excel module merged cells

    Werner Jacobs Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am using the excel module and it's a nice piece of good integration. I wonder how it's possible to put a value in merged cells.

      When I am using a template and I put values in the first cell of the merged cells, it does not work out very fine(layout wise it does look good)

      I see there's an e:mergeCells option but I suppose this is for creating merged cells and not for putting values in it.

      Is there a syntax to do the trick?

      Thanks a lot of helping me out,


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          Werner Jacobs Newbie

          Correcting my last post.

          layout wise it does not look good.

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            Nicklas Karlsson Master


                 <e:worksheet name="Developers">
                       <e:mergeCells startRow="0" startColumn="0" endRow="0" endColumn="1"/>
                      <e:cell column="0" row="0" value="Me, myself and I" />

            produces something pretty much what is expected. If it doesn't work out, file a distilled JIRA under the Excel module with the xhtml file, a backing bean providing data, the generated excel file and then a hand made excel file that shows the expected output.

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              adam hay Newbie

              i am trying to put a large paragraph of text inside the merged cells. using the example you have provided above the text still seems to be trying to fit into the first cell rather than utilizing all of the merged cells to expand the text into. is there a way to flow the paragraph into the merged cells and have it wrap so that the text shows without giving me the placeholder?