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    Peter Treitler Newbie

      I've just managed to narrow down the problem I've already described in the "Debugging JSFUnit" thread.

      I have downloaded and modified the tomcat demo application from the getting started guide so that it contains a failing test. The output I get looks like this:

      at org.jboss.foo.FailingTest.testInitialPage(FailingTest.java:39)

      Just as it should be. But when I run a test with exactly the same assertion in my application I get the following output:
      at my.jsf.unit.test.FailingTest.testSomething(Unknown Source)

      It displays no source file and line number, which is very inconvenient when I have 10 assertions in one test and want to know which one failed.
      The assertion is exactly the same in the above cases. The jars in the WEB-INF/lib directories are exactly the same too.

      So... does anybody have any idea what the cause of this problem could be?