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    Two feature requests (EL and HTTP parameters)

    alberto Gori Novice

      Hi. I'd like to discuss a couple of feature requets:

      First request

      I have this action:

      <s:link action="#{bean.action(item.id)}"/>

      and I want the item.id part to be immediately resolved and not in a deferred fashion. I already possible to get this wit current jboss-el?
      Maybe I am wrong, but I'd find this feature really usefull. What would happen if #{item.id}
      is on a conversation and my link is

      <s:link action="#{bean.action(item.id)}" propagation="none"/>

      If item is in a conversation context, it would be evaluated to null. Instead I need a
      way to fix its value on the page, immediately. Ability to evaluate it immediately in a
      action expression would help a lot.

      Second request

      I know this issue can actually be solved using HTTP GET parameters (though I would prefer the first form in a web application):

      <s:link action="#{bean.action(null)}" propagation="none">
        <f:param name="paramId" value="#{item.id}"/>

      then keeping the method shown before I need a way to make it work on both way:

      public class MyBean {
        @RequestParameter Integer paramId; 
        public String action(Integer id) {
          if (null == id) {id = paramId;}

      That's ugly. What about a


      annotation instead of RequestParameter?

      public class MyBean {
        public String action(@Param("idParam")Integer id) {