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    Seam + Maven + JBoss Embedded

    Monkey Den Master
      What a nightmare this has been.  I have seen MANY threads here, on the old forum and several jiras where this is discussed.  I think I've seen all the issues from "No deployer found for jboss-service.xml" to NoSuchMethod and ClassNotFound.  As others have stated, this clearly has something to do with the *-all.jar files in embedded.  I also went through some painful versioning issues surefire and testng, but that's another forum.  Question is, has anyone gotten a simplified integration working?  How many have scrapped it entirely and went back to seam-gen (Ant)?

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          Pedro Sena Newbie

          Hi Kyle,

          I'm working with this configuration and I'm very happy.

          It's not a trivial environment to set up.

          I have a couple of xmlx, rar files and some other files organized in a very specific manner.

          To tell you the truth, actually I don't know EXACTLY how this works, but works! :)

          The EASIER way to do this is downloading the exadel flamingo:

          It has a maven-based plugin to create a RIA app with Seam(and Spring as well).

          I'm not suggesting that you need it for all your projects, you will need it just one time, just to obtain the project structure.

          I suggest that you create a simple application using it, it will build the environment that you need, than, with just a mvn test the jboss embedded will automagically starts and deploy your web application.

          With little work I managed even to deploy my ejb in this way.

          I would post here the structure, but it have something like 20/25 files, so I really suggest you to try the first time with Flamingo.

          I want to create an archetype for this, but I have no experience creating archetypes neither have enough time to study about it, if you have some doubt/problems, please post here.


          Pedro Sena 

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            Monkey Den Master

            Thanks for the response Pedro.  I'm not quite sure how Flamingo figures into it.  From what I know about it, it's an integration framework for Flex/JavaFX and Seam, but I could be wrong. 

            When I finally got the container to start, it started complaining that it could not find embedded-jboss-beans.xml.  I checked the embedded jboss beta3 distro and it wasn't there.  Any idea where this file comes from?  Should it not be in the distro?  Of course, once this file is created and available in test/resources something else will blow up.

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              Thomas Hamacher Novice


              actually it´s probably not a good place to say this in this forum.
              I also got this combination to work. But it´s a pain and there a still a lot of Exceptions, that do not have any effect on the running Jboss but it´s not what I call a nice solution. I´m using the beta3 as everything else is not working, but there are still a lot of things that do not work.
              It seems as nobody really cares about the embedded JBoss and I think, this is a really big mistake as people move away from JBoss.
              This is also what I did. I moved to openEJB and it´s really a lot easier and faster to work with this implementation. Although I must admit, that I only use it for test purposes and do not use it together with Seam, but I would suggest to give it a try.
              I waited for a reliable release of embedded JBoss for over 2 years and nothing really happened. Now I am pretty happy with how openEJB handles everything.


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                Stephan B Newbie

                I also had a nightmare setting up JBoss Embedded with Maven and failed each try. I also wanted to replace it by OpenEJB embedded, but I can't get transactions/JPA to run properly. Can you give a hint (or even source snippets) on how you managed to integrate it?

                This would be really great, for me and I think for everybody else loathing jboss embedded!!!
                Thanks :-)