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    a4j push problem with ejb3 bean

    Jay Bee Newbie

      hi all,
      I am using JBoss 4.2.3 RichFaces2.3 and Seam 2.1.1
      I have to do the following task:

      A JMS message published message is received (in an MDB) and I need to show the contents of the message on the screen.

      My thoughts so far:
      Using the a4j push component I have to register it as an event listener with a (Session)bean. When the method in the bean gets called by the receiving MDB with the message an event would be fired and the push component would rerender the parts on the page with new information.

      That's the idea, or my thinking,
      But... when I decide to use an SFSB an object is created when I register the eventlistner. When a messsage comes in the MDB passes it on to the SFSB which is a differnet object from the one created before (obviously - because they are essentially two different clients looking from the point of the SFSB.

      Using a SLSB gives no guarantees.

      Using the MDB directly is not possible because this only gets called by the JEE Container

      Singelton EJB (JBoss sevice bean) well I got it working but it doesnt look to healthy having a list of listeners

      Basically (what I think is) I need for every a4j push component a bean instance and when a JMS message arrives this must be passed on by the MDB to all instances of the bean.

      The task seemed (no pun intended) quite easy when thinking about it. But in reality things aren't going as smoothly as I expected. I think I'm missing something which should be blatently obvious.
      I would be grateful for any help or corrections in my above statements