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    Call to StatusMessage.addToControl inside dataTable

    Christopher Rudolf Newbie


      i have a problem, that if i use

      void testAction() {
        StatusMessages.instance().addToControl("test", "Message for the Component with the ID=test");

      inside a action method of a Bean, the message is not displayed, if it is used inside a datable:

      <h:dataTable value="#{list}">
       <h:inputText id="test"/>
       <h:message for="test">
       <s:button action="#{TestComponent.testAction}"

      If i press the button, in the JBoss Log there is a warning:

      WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.
      sourceId=null[severity(INFO 0), summary=(Message for the Component with the ID=test), detail(Message for the Component with the ID=test)]

      Why is the id not calculated correctly?