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    Outjecting from a custom filter

    Brian Irwin Newbie

      Is it possible to outject an object from a custom filter using the ContextualHttpServletRequest class?

      I have a value I receive on the query string of a web request. The value is a database ID which I use to construct the object associated with the ID. I want to outject the object to a seam session context. It appears to outject correctly, but when I attempt to inject the object in other seam classes, the object is always null.

      Here is some code:

      new ContextualHttpServletRequest(httpRequest) {
                          public void process() throws IOException {
                              setClient(em, clientID);

      Later in the class, we have this method:

          private void setClient(EntityManager em, int clientID)
              Client client = em.find(com.blah.Client.class, clientID);
              Contexts contexts = new Contexts();
              SessionContext sessionContext = (SessionContext)contexts.getSessionContext();
              sessionContext.set("client", client);
              System.out.println("Client Session value set: " + ((Client)sessionContext.get("client")).getDescription());

      Everything appears to work to this point. When I call the sessionConext.get(client) it has my object.

      Now, when another seam component attempts to use an injected client object, the client object is null:

          private Client client;

      I am fairly new to Seam and don't understand what is happening with the ContextualHttpServletRequest object. I am not sure how/why it has access to Seam contexts. Do my objects get removed from the context when the filter finishes executing?

      If not, how can I inject the client object into my other seam components?