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    Nested conversation for master-detail implementation

    Luca Bacco Newbie

      We have implemented a master-detail and list set of pages.

      The list pages shows a table with links (ice:commandButton) to the master entities:

      public class MyMasterEntityList {
          @Begin( join \= true )
          public String newEntity() {
              return "new-entity";

      [After opening the list] Conversation stack: 1, long running = false

      In the MasterEntityHome page we have:

      public class MyMasterEntityHome extends EntityHome\<MyMaster\> {
         @Begin( nested \= true );
         public String newDetail() {
            return "new-detail-entity";
         @Begin( nested \= true );
         public String editDetail( MyDetailEntity detail ) {
            return "edit-detail-entity";
         ... othere operations ...

      [After opening the master page] Conversation stack: 2, long running = true, nested = false

      public class MyDetailEntityHome extends EntityHome\<MyDetail\> {
          // Invoked when the uses presses "Cancel" in the master page
          @End( beforeRedirect \= true )
          public void close() {
              return "closed";
          ... other stuff ...

      [After opening the detail page] Conversation stack: 3, long running = true, nested = true, parent = 2

      So far, so good. If I press the Cancel button (implemented as shown) I would expect the conversation stack to be something like this:

      Conversation stack: 2, long running = true, nested = false

      Instead, I get:

      Conversation stack: 4, long running = false, nested = false

      That is, instead of returning to the previous conversation in the stack, SEAM appears to lose the parent conversation and just start a new one from scratch (infact, my master entity home page is just empty).

      Has anybody any idea about what's happening here or where may I be wrong?

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          Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master

          If this is for CRUD I recommend you to avoid nested Conversations completely, go for modalPanels, and please vote for JBSEAM-3903.

          Conversations (specially nested ones) I have found are not really suited for CRUD, but they are really good for stuff that is pretty much read-only

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            Mario Scalas Newbie

            Thanks for the links: I've read them all and before giving any hope up, I'd like to submit this "simplified example" to the community:

            1. I show the list.
            2. I select an item: @Begin
               [The master pages open and the CID is shown on the URL]
            <s:link value="View Entity" action="#{list.showEntity}"/>

            public class EntityList {
                 @Begin public void showEntity(){ }

            3. I click on "Add child": @Begin( nested = true )
            <h:commandLink action="#{parent.child}">Go to child</h:commandLink>

            @Name(\"parent\") @Scope(ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
            public class Parent {
                 @Begin(nested \= true)
                 public String child(){
                     return \"child\";
                 @End(root \= true)
                 public String die(){
                      return \"/home.xhtml\";
                 public String endNested(){
                       return \"/parent.xhtml\";

               [The child form is shown, SEAM recognizes the master CID and the nested conversation CID ]

            4. I press back on the child form
            <s:button value="Back to parent" action="#{parent.endNested}"/>

            [The nested conversation is killed but instead of returning to the old parent conversation, a new one is created (with long running = false)]

            If I manually change the URL in order to point to the previous parent CID, I get my entity back, so I'm pretty lost: is this a bug or some kind of wanted behavior for nested conversations?!?


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              Luca Bacco Newbie

              Looking for more infos in the forum I've found that someone else had the
              same problem and it (seems) should be a bug:


              However I've found a little work around that should works for now:
              In the child element I've recovered the parent's conversation id

              pid = Conversation.instance().getParentId();

              Then when I press back button I pass this param trought pages.xml

              <rule if-outcome="back">
                         <redirect view-id="/entity/parent.xhtml" >
                          <param name="cid" value="#{childHome.pid}"/>

              I hope this could help someone else...