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    Contract for Seam developer

    Eric H Novice

      (If it isn't ok to post this in this forum, please forgive me and delete this.)

      We're seeking a programmer who is skilled in JBoss Seam for a small project we have going now.  This one project is small but if it works well, we may have more.  You'll need to be able to work in Seam, share code in SVN, and edit XHTML / Facelets pages.  No web design skill is needed; someone else has done the design but you will need to make forms work, use Faclets templates and so on.

      Location doesn't matter, but price does.  We need to keep costs down on this.  It's a great opportunity for a developer not in the US probably.

      If you speak mainly Russian, that is also ok.  Our project manager is fluent in Russian and English.  (I tried to post something in Russian that says that but the forum software here gave an error.)

      Please respond to info@mwtj.com if you are interested.