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    Seam 2.1.1GA and Remoting issue

    Chad Retz Newbie

      I am having issues w/ Seam Remoting ever since I went to Seam 2.1.1GA. I have a class like so:

      public class MyAction {
          public synchronized List<String> doSomething(
                  String latitudeOne, String latitudeTwo,
                  String longitudeOne, String longitudeTwo) {
          public String getSomethingById(Long somethingId) {
          //lots of other getters/setters including something like this at the bottom of the class (w/out @WebRemote):
          public AnotherClass getSelectedThing() {
              return selectedThing;
          public Long getSelectedThingId() {
              return selectedThingId;
          public void setSelectedThingId(Long selectedThingId) {
              this.selectedThingId = selectedThingId;

      Yet <s:remote include="myAction" /> returns a JS more like this:

      //Stuff here supporting the AnotherClass type even though it's not @WebRemote
      Seam.Remoting.type.myAction = function() {
        this.selectedThing = undefined;
        this.selectedThingId = undefined;
        Seam.Remoting.type.myAction.prototype.getSelectedThing = function() { return this.selectedThing; }
        Seam.Remoting.type.myAction.prototype.getSelectedThingId = function() { return this.selectedThingId; }
        Seam.Remoting.type.myAction.prototype.setSelectedThingId = function(selectedThingId) { this.selectedThingId = selectedThingId; }
      // more stuff for metadata

      Any idea why it's using my last three bean methods and ignoring my annotated ones? Is there something I am doing wrong? This worked in my previous version of Seam (I believe 2.0.2SP1). Any help is appreciated. Ask if more info is needed.