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    Search and retrieve list from DB with Pagination and sorting

    Prajwal Boloor Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am required to develop a jsf page which will allow me to search the database with multiple search criterias and display the list below with sorting and pagination capabilities.
      I used my actionclass which extended from EntityQuery and declared my datamodel list.
      on click of search i fire a method which performs a query and returns me the list in the rich:dataTable.
      initially when the page loads I populate the list using default search criteria from a method marked @factory.
      everything went fine till thtis point.
      now when i added datascroller, everytime i click on the datascroller it fires the factory method and retrieves the default list and it doesnt retain the inputfields in the form as well.
      and the same happens when i do sorting.

      most of the forums spoke about extending datamodel or entityquery but i could not lay my hands on any complete code which would help me understand on what exactly do i need to do.

      I am sure many of you must have come across this kind of scenario and were able to slove it so please help me in this regard.

      I ave no issues loading the datamodel on the session and use it for pagination and sorting but i dont know how to do that as well.

      Thanks in advance