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    Seam Welcome message after successful login

    Bob Corcoran Newbie
      We have extended the Identity class and overriden the login message. After a succesful login, Seam is apparently generating a Welcome message: Welcome, [domain/user]. The message is generated after the login method is completed and before the Render Response phase of the page being loaded following a successful login. (We wrote a simple phase listener so we could see this).

      The problem for us is that we have some rich:messages components on our home page that are picking up and displaying this message.

      Is there a way to suppress the Seam Welcome message after a successful login?
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          Cody Lerum Apprentice

          simply go to the messages_en.properties file and delete the value in org.jboss.seam.loginSuccessful

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            Florian Petersen Newbie


            i have a question regarding the welcome message (and maybe other seam-generated messages):
            I realized that in my app the seam welcome message is bound to a control that has absolutely nothing to do with login. I always thought it is a global message?!?

            I have two message areas, one for global and one for local messages. Because there is nothing like 'localOnly' attribute, i created a utility function that takes an array of control names and puts together the corresponding messages.
            But after a login i always see the welcome message. I debugged and found out that the welcome message is apparently bound to the 'branch' field of my user registration form.
            HOW can this be???

            I surely could deactivate the welcome message in the resource bundle as you said, but i rather wanna know what happens here...

            Thanks a lot, best regards