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    Problem after Merging java files from src-main and src-hot folders to "src" and removing "main" and "hot" folders

    Milind S Newbie


      I am using Seam 2.1.0. I have generated code using seamgen utility few months back. Seamgen creates folders src/main and src/hot.

      Now I want to merge java files from src/main and src/hot folders into one folder /src. I moved files from both  src/main and src/hot folders to /src folder.

      I removed src/main and src/hot folders and made changes in build.xml to remove entries for src.model.dir and src.action.dir and made them point to src.dir folder.

      However in Eclipse the folders are still showning and I am getting build errors as missing src/main and src/hot folders.

      Does anybody has an idea if there are any more configuration or project settings needed to be done to fix this issue?