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    ending conversation using seam api

    Murat HAZER Newbie

      Hi everyone,

        I have a series of wizard like pages which runs in conversation scope without any issue. Now with a new business requirement a need to run this series of pages without taking any user input, interaction. So following code implements the new requirement;

      public void renewProducts(List<Product> products){
           if(logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debug("renewing products {0}", products.size());
           for(Product product : products){
      public void renewSingleProduct(Product product) {
         Conversation conversation = Conversation.instance();          
         if (conversation != null) {
           logger.info("Conversation.instance().isLongRunning() = "+conversation.isLongRunning());
           logger.info("Conversation.instance().getDescription() = "+conversation.getDescription());
           logger.info("Conversation.instance().getId() = "+ conversation.getId());
         Customer customer = retrieveCustomer();
         Contexts.getConversationContext().set("customer", customer);          
         ProductController productController = (ProductController)Component.getInstance("productController",ScopeType.CONVERSATION, true);
         //calls to other seam scoped components

      i see the same conversationId in the renewSingleProduct(Product product) method despite of calling conversation.end(true) explicitly. if i call conversation.leave() instead of conversation.end(true) new conversation created but this time first conversation variables aren't disinjected, because of this first conversation variables are used with the second one. Should i clean the conversation scoped components manually or there is a better way?

      regards ....