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    Library files conflict with application server

    hey tex Newbie

      While deploying SEAM applications to application servers, I found that library files used by application often conflict with those in application server.

      For example putting seam-ui.jar under lib directory of glassfish AS makes administration console working unproperly.

      At first I thought that putting all library files needed in ear package might solve the problem seems application accesses library files in same ear package in higher priority.

      However, doing this on weblogic AS may cause problem. When deploying doto list example to weblogic 10.3 I found that putting jboss-common-core.jar and javassist.jar in ear produces errors and that made me put these two files under the domain lib directory of weblogic AS to avoid errors.

      I mean identifying which error is caused by library files conflict and by which library file deals me a lot of time. After that I have to find somewhere to put those library files..even worse is the conflicting library files may be different case by case.

      Is there any way I can deal with all these problems efficiently and elegantly ?

      Any suggestion is appreciated !