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    Problem with invokeAction

    John le Newbie
      Hello everyone
      I researching Jboss-Seam and relate to Integration Test. I only write a small example about Testing in Jboss-Seam, particular LoginTest.
      My source code below:

          public void testLogin() throws Exception {
              new FacesRequest("/login.xhtml") {

                  protected void updateModelValues() {
                      setValue("#{identity.username}", "hoakhung");
                      setValue("#{identity.password}", "abc123456");

                  protected void invokeApplication() {

                  protected void renderResponse() {
                      assert getValue("#{identity.username}") != null;
      But running invokeApplication() method, seemly invokeAction("#{identity.login}") cannot return expected value. I think if invokeAction("#{identity.login}") called, it return true value but in my case, it always return false value. Please help me. Thanks for your advices.