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    Encoding issue

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Hey guys I need a hint for encoding.

      I am trying to save something with letter (that this server does not like neither - it dumps me to the 404), it goes well down to em.persist(), but it is saved to the database as ?
      (passed to seam properly)

      (Search on google for Cesky and you should get the letter C with accent)

      I have Seam 2.0..latest and MySQL 5, my column encoding is utf8_general_ci

      I tried

      1. set hibernate.properties

      2. set server.xml encoding

      3. set <web:character-encoding-filter encoding="UTF-8" override-client="true" url-pattern="*.suff"/>

      but none helped.

      Do have any idea what could help?

      Thanks Tom

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          Tomas Cerny Novice

          Stupid debian..

          it is my.conf configuration

          character-set-server          = utf8
          default-character-set          = utf8
          user                               = mysql
          port                               = 3306