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    performance page vs. session bean

    Sascha Janz Master

      i got an application which uses a tabpanel. each tab has its own page. but the contents e.g. data of a table and so on is all bound to the session bean.

      what's better for performance? use all with session bean? or build a page bean for each tab of the panel and in/outject some values? or does all this has no affect on performance?

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          Julien Kronegg Novice

          Having your data with SESSION scope will lead the pages to be generated faster than having the data with a PAGE scope because the bean holding the data will not be recreated at each page.

          BTW, which kind of performance do you need?

          • reduced server workload (i.e. generate the page's tab whenever the user request it)

          • reduced response time when the user switches tabs (i.e. use Richfaces's client switching mode, all pages generated at once on the server)