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    determine how much time left before LRC times out

    Arbi Sookazian Master
      using the Conversation API, how can I determine how much time remaining until the active LRC times out?

      this means: how do I get the active LRC?

      Conversation c = Conversation.instance();

      what does that do exactly? (not documented well in the API docs)  Does it return an instance of the currently active LRC?

      what if there is no LRC?

      I am writing a xhtml that uses a4j:poll component that will periodically check to see if the active LRC has 1 minute (or less) remaining before timeout.  using ejb3 timer and/or quartz proved difficult b/c I want to display a modalPanel to the user when this happens and have them click continue (very similar to session timeout warning popup in bofa.com billpay app).