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    Seam remoting with two web modules

    Rory Sambrano Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have this issue and I hope you to help me with it.
      I have an estructure of a EAR file with a EJB module and two WAR files.
      Inside the both WAR files I have componentes with web remoting methods.

      When I deploy the EAR y realized that the last WAR deployed loads it's web remoting methods and the web remoting  methods of the first WAR are gone.

      Obviously I have text WARN message of:
      WARN  [SeamPhaseListener] There should only be one Seam phase listener per application

      So I have this message when i try to call a first WAR's web remote method from javascript

      ERROR [InterfaceGenerator] Component not found: [xxx]
      javax.servlet.ServletException: Invalid request - component not found.

      I tried to quit the second WAR and de call worked fine.  So this is a problem because of the two WAR...

      Please help