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    Create property in Entity class

    Juan Zafrilla Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to create a temporal property in my entity class(for example: Books.). When i restart my application server, it make a new field in my table (Books.). Only i need an annotation to indicate that this property should not be included in the table.

      It is possible?


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          Pedro Sena Newbie

          I didn't understand what you really want.

          First you say that you need a temporal property(I believe that would be an attribute that is not persisted, this can be achieved using @Transient annotation)

          Then you say that, when you restart your app sv it creates a new field, so, if you restart your application twice, it needs to create it twice? I relly missed something here...

          Then the property should not be included in the table(need to create the field but can't persist it, is it?)

          I really did not understand, BUT with you want to create a non persistent field in an entity class, just mark it with @Transient annotation.

          Hope it helps,

          Pedro Sena