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    Pls help 1 -Seam WAR-EAR Confusion 2 -JBPM Integration

    Andrew Martin Newbie

      I am new to seam. Have some confusion with the preliminary setup as follows please help.

      1) I am using the jboss tools with Ganymede Eclipse to create seam project. Now that can be done in either in ear or war mode. It says in the 'jboss tool's document' that -
      A WAR project can only use Seam JavaBean and JPA Entity bean components; it cannot use EJB3 Session beans etc.

      Does that mean If I use the war mode, I will be able to use ejb3 entity beans but not the session beans? and why is that so? can it be tackled by using cusom build script?

      2) If I follow the seam structure (ear) then at a later stage if I want to integrate JBPM in the project; what will be the process? Will I have to rearrange the project code or just creating and uploading the par files from different jbpm project and including the references from the existing seam project will do the trick?

      Please reply soon. Thanks for your time.