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    Is it possible to use page parameters in Seam pageflow?

    Tomasz Wilczynski Newbie

      I have a page viewClient.xhtml defined in pages.xml as

      <page view-id="/viewClient.xhtml" >  
          <param name="clientId" />

      so clientId can be attached to a button via <f:param> and injected with @RequestParameter. I would like to enter this page after finishing pageflow, but I can't find a way to pass clientId with the final request. This is how the pageflow ends:

      <s:button value="Finish" action="finish" /> triggers transition to final jpdl node:

      <page view-id="/confirm.xhtml" name="confirm" >
          <transition name="finish" to="finishNode" />
      <page view-id="/viewClient.xhtml" name="finishNode" >

      Any help appreciated.