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    iText and the url-pattern

    Bram Biesbrouck Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm having problems configuring iText under Seam 2.1.0.
      When using '.pdf' as the url-pattern for the Document Store Servlet, everything loads and renders allright. But the problem is that I have some regular pdf documents in my classpath, which clash with that pattern.

      Now, I would like to change the pattern to '/pdf/
      ' and put all pdf-templates in that directory. However, when I try that, I get 404's. Paths are correct, permissions too, don't really see the problem.

      I could workaround this by setting up a document store outside my webapp ear, but it's cumbersome and not really elegant.

      Any suggestions?


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          Norman Richards Expert

          This isn't supported right now when using extensions.  You should turn off extensions.  This is something we ought to be able to support, so feel free to open a JIRA for it.

          If you must use extensions and have other pdfs, the workaround is to map them to the default servlet.  For example: