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    Seam + Maven2 + Ganymede + JBoss Tools + WTP sample project

    Rodney Moore Newbie

      Here is a sample Maven2 project structure that provides the following capabilities:

      • Hot Deployment using WTP (set publishing to auto or manually publish in the IDE)

      • Linked source code in the Eclipse IDE for all third party libraries (if available in the Maven repositories)

      • Seam components are availabile in the context menus in various JBoss Tools editors (visual editor for example)

      • Eclipse class path references Maven2 repository

      • Upgrade Seam minor releases by changing a variable

      The setup takes some time, but it is worth the effort because:

      • The project source remains in a native Maven2 structure and can be seamlessly integrated with a build server i.e. Hudson.

      • There is no need to run Maven2 targets in Eclipse, WTP handles deployment via the publish feature.

      Required Software:

      1. Eclipse Ganymede 3.4 (with WTP installed)

      2. Maven 2.0.9

      3. JBoss Tools Plugin 3 CR

      4. JBoss 4.2.3 Application Server


      1. Install all software above

      2. Use sample project as a guide to configure your specific projects / artifacts

      3. Create a workspace in eclipse

      4. Create a WTP server reference (that references the installed JBoss application server)

      5. Configure workspace path and server reference in sample-proj/pom.xml

      6. Execute mvn eclipse:eclipse from the sample-proj directory

      7. Import all projects into your Eclipse workspace

      8. Build workspace in Eclipse

      9. Right click on the EAR project and select Run-As..Run on Server ... and select the configured JBoss Server.

      Download Sample Project