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    Pointing to new layout

    Thirupathi Neela Newbie


        I developed my own layout for application(layout2). Presently, when the application is run, login page from layout is loaded as usual. Instead of that I need to load login page from layout2. In order to point my application to new layout(layout2) where do I need to configure? Please don't suggest me that copy all contents from layout2 and override in layout. I want both of them to be present. Please suggest me any solution.
      Thanks in advance

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          Stuart Douglas Master

          Your going to have to give a few more details. If you mean you have lots of pages that use templates (i.e. they have something like template=/layout1/mytemplate.xhtml at the top of the page) then you can create a custom resourceresolver to return your new template when facelts is trying to resolve the old one. If this is not what you need or you want more info on this technique you are going to have to most more details of exaclty what you are trying to achieve.

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            Thirupathi Neela Newbie

            Hello Stuart!
            Thanks for your reply. I got it correct. I have taken a new Bean called LayoutBean.java and corresponding UI for layout selection. Now I can select either of the layouts on my choice.

            Thirupathi Neela