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    Seam and Flex integration - framework choices ?

    Agata Przybyszewska Newbie

      I am curious to hear if people have good experiences with Seam and Flex integration?

      From what I can see, there are 3 possible frameworks to use:

      - Granite DS
      - Exadel Flamingo/Fiji
      - Blaze DS

      I am currently evaluating technology for a new project, and would like to hear if anybode has used the above in a real project, and what your experiences are? Any pros and cons regarding choice of frameworks?

      Flamingo /Fiji looks very promising, as it is offering integration trough RichFaces, but I haven't managed to get their examples up and running yet. Does anybody know of a blog / tutorial / example of using Seam with Fiji/Flamingo and Flex?