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    Conversational PersistenceContext + Rollback = cleared Persistence Context

    youngm Novice

      I'm using a conversational persistence context to manage some changes to my domain through a wizard type of UI.  I'm running into a problem with a transaction rollback in the middle of this process.

      If I'm in the last step of my wizard and my attempt to save causes a transaction rollback then it appears Hibernate clears my Persistence Context on transaction rollback and I lose all the state I've gathered through my wizard. (AbstractEntityManagerImpl:545).  Does anyone know any way around this?  It seems to me that losing all state in my conversationally scoped persistence context because of aa transaction rollback is a HUGE hole/problem with using a Conversational PersistenceContexts.  Am I using a Conversational PC wrong?  Is this a bug in Hibernate's JPA impl?  Thanks for your help.