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    Questions about rich:suggestionbox


      Does the suggestionbox only provide suggestions, as indicated by the name, or can it enforce that the value entered into the field is only one of the suggested values? How would it be possible to make the input field only accept values from the suggestion box during selection time? (During form submission time, I can see how this could be done using a validator.)

      Could somebody describe what the 'fetchValue' attribute of rich:suggestionbox does? Reading the documentation, I can't tell - and most code samples of rich:suggestionbox seem to include it, so it'd be nice to know.

      Also, the impression I'm getting from the 'usingSuggestObjects' attribute description is that you'd always want to enable it to true (with false being the default), because that description seems to be exactly what the point of a suggestionbox is - update the suggestion list every time the value changes in the input.