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    EntityManager in @Asynchronous method

    Dmitry Shultz Newbie

      Hello All,

      I'm trying to use the @Asynchronous method for some periodic job (to move expired events to the news section on the page) and it is called properly, but EntityManager doesn't produce any update statement, i.e. i can see the lformated sql related to the find() command, but nothing for persist() and remove() and the database remains unchanged.

      public class EventsWatcher {
          protected Logger log = java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger("Gibson");
          EntityManager entityManager;
          public void processEvents(@Duration Long waitInterval, @IntervalDuration Long interval, EventsNewsManager manager) {
              Date now = new Date();
              ListIterator<GibsonEvent> it = manager.getEvents().listIterator();
                  GibsonEvent evt = it.next();
                      GibsonNewsItem newsItem = GibsonNewsItem.fromEvent(evt);
                      entityManager.persist(newsItem); // nothing in the log
                      GibsonEvent toRemove = entityManager.find(GibsonEvent.class, evt.getId()); // can see the formated sql in log
                      entityManager.remove(toRemove); // nothing in the log                                    
                      log.info(String.format("GibsonEvent '%s' moved to GibsonNewsItems", toRemove.getHeader()));


      (Glassfish 2.1 Seam 2.1.1)