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    Messages and hibernate filters working in debug mode but not in production mode

    Antoine Sabot-Durand Newbie


      My project uses Seam 2.11 on JBoss 5.0 and JDK 6 (tested with Sun and OpenJDK). I've got an EAR with seam components as EJB project and a War project.
      My components.xml file is in the WEB-INF directory of the War. I use properties files for I18N which are in classes directory of the War project and declared in components.xml with core:resource-loader component.
      When my core:init is in debug mode (debug=true) everything is ok, I get messages in my pages (called with #{messages['mykey']}. But when I switch to debug=false messages are no more found (I get messages key name in my page instead of messages content)

      The same thing happens for an hibernate filter declared in components.xml. In debug mode it works perfectly, in production mode it doesn't.

      Any clue  for that ?

      Thanks a lot for your help