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    conversation state affects retrieval of entities - possible bug

    John McClain Newbie

      I wish to list entities in a table ,then perform crud ops on the list. I am using an entityhome object to manage my entities. Here is my entity with the pertinent code...

      @SequenceGenerator(name = "TBLREQUESTS_SEQ", sequenceName = "TBLREQUESTS_SEQ", allocationSize = 1)
      public class Tblrequests implements Serializable {
           @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator = "TBLREQUESTS_SEQ")
           private long id;
           @JoinColumn(name="PAYEECODE", referencedColumnName="PAYEE_CODE", insertable=false, updatable=false)
           private PayeeCodes payeeCodes;

      1) main page displays a table of items and has an add button. The table gets the list from this function

      public List<Tblrequests> getStuff()
                EntityManager em = this.getEntityManager();
                List<Tblrequests> l = em.createQuery("from Tblrequests").getResultList();
                return l;

      2) I click add button - the action is /wizard.xhtml.  I clearInstance() before I get there, so that when I get there a new instance will be created. In pages.xml I start a new conversation via a begin conversation

                converterId="javax.faces.Long" />
           <begin-conversation join="true" />

      3) I go through the wizard and save the item - which calls an overriden persist on my entityhome new instance

      public String persist()
           setCreatedMessage(createValueExpression("successfully " + (isManaged()?"edited":"added") + " Request for loan " + getInstance().getLoannumber()));
           return "home";

      4) In pages.xml, the return value from persist triggers a return to the main page, where I want to display the list of items, refreshed with the new item

           <end-conversation />
           <redirect view-id="/main.xhtml" />

      HOWEVER, when I get back to the main page, the list returned from the getStuff() function above holds all the original entities, but the new entity I just created is in the list, but not completely populated; The onetoone relationships are not retrieved. Yet, onetoone relationships should be eagerly loaded, and hacking the query to eagerly load has no affect

      What I found is that if I put before-redirect in the end conversation above, then when I return to the main page, the list of entities is completely populated, but I lose my conversation and my faces messages because the conversation is ended before I return to the main page.

      Why does the ending of the conversation affect the retrieval of the entities?

      How can I keep the conversation until I leave the main page so that I can retain my facesmessages? I thought that was the purpose of a conversation