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    Portlet + Redirect

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice
      I tryed to post this in the portlet bridge forum, but it's not working (not now), but maybe someone could answer me:

      The <redirect/> is not working, it sends the user to the "outside" application, not the one in the portal. And de <render/> gives an error. Example:

              <exception class="com.nexxera.aen.business.BusinessException">
                      <redirect view-id="/errorPage.xhtml">
                         <message severity="ERROR">Error!</message>

      When the exception is throw i'm redirected to the /appName/errorPage.seam, not the /portal/portal/blablabla/errorPage.seam.

      I tested it even with the seamBookingPortlet sample that comes with the portlet bridge, and I got the same problem.