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    Slash holder parameters rewriting

    Adrien Orsier Newbie


      I'm having some troubles with the new cool rewriting filter provided with Seam 2.1.
      It worked great until I had to rewrite an url with a parameter containing a slash. As I understand it, the filter take that slash as a 'regular' slash and not as a member of the parameter value.

      The code is quite simple:

      <param name="path" value="#{myBean.path}"/>
      <rewrite pattern="/c/{path}" />

      is placed in my .page.xml

      Then I'm trying to resolve the url ..../c/Test/Test2 for example, and it won't bind Test/Test2 to myBean.path.

      Is there a way to make it work, or, if not, what's the most convenient way to Override a Seam Component in order to implement such a behaviour?