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    Seam jpa-booking example: How is a non-conversation component taking part in conversations?

    infinity2heaven Novice

      I've done a Seam SJB3 project earlier. Revisiting now for a pojo based development. In the seam examples (jpa booking with pojos), the HotelBookingAction doesn't have
      a scope @Scope(ScopeType.CONVERSATION). How then is it able to take part in the conversations ie., @Begin selectHotel() :-> bookHotel() :-> setBookingDetails() :-> @End confirm() ?

      All throughout the page flow the following values are injected/outjected

      @In(required=false) @Out
      private Hotel hotel;
      private Booking booking;

      By default pojos are EVENT scoped, how are the above variables cross referenced across pages then?

      I guess I'm still unsure of the default scopes of the @In @Out variables