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    SeamTest Asynchronous

    Daniel Wachter Newbie

      Hello together

      I have to test a seamCompononet which is annotated with @Asynchronous.
      Cause this component will be running in a different thread, I have to wait to test the result. Is there any solution (rather than make a sleep) to wait until this thread (which is under control of seam) is finished?

      Thanks very very much for any answer...

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          Hugo Pragt Newbie

          I'm probably missing something here because you can always do a callback?

          interface callback {
              public abstract postResult(int result);
          class test implements callback{
          Logic logic = new Logic();
          int result = -1;
          public void aSyncTest {
              while (result == -1) try{Thread.sleep(20)}catch(InterruptedException e){}
              System.out.println("result :" + result);
          public void postResult(int result) {
              this.result = result;


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            Daniel Wachter Newbie

            You can call me stupid, but I really don't understand your answer solution...