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    Seam withouth EJB3 tradeoffs (discussion from Seam Framework book 2nd edition)

    infinity2heaven Novice

      Having worked on a Seam/EJB3 project earlier, I'm recommending Seam to my new client. But the client insists on a non-ejb platform and I haven't worked on it except for running the seam jpa booking example. It seems fine to me until I read this chapter from the book:

      Seam Framework - Experience the evolution of Java EE second edition book. Chapter 4 Seam without EJB3 Page 52

      Pojo Tradeoffs:

      - No support exists for declarative method-level transactions in Pojos, Instead you can configure Seam to demarcate a database transaction from the moment the web request
        is received until the response page is rendered

        What does this mean? Isn't @Transactional on method level support declarative transactions on pojo? This is a strong statement and can shun away people from adopting Seam

      - No transaction or component level persistence context exists. All persistence contexts in Seam Pojos are extended

         what does that mean wrt to Seam jpa booking example?

      - No Java Remoting (RMI) into Seam Pojo method exists

         Does that mean, we can't use GWT?

        I'd appreciate any comments from those who developed Seam without EJB3 (production)