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    Problem with hot deploy - seam Gen project

    Erik Bakstad Newbie


      I recently re-organized my seam project by using the project structure made with seamGen.
      Now I'm having problems with hotdeploying using ant explode.
      Before, I used a customized seamGen project generated with Seam 2.0.1X and I had no problems.

      The problem I'm having is that after running ant explode the following error occures when hitting the database:

      Caused by: javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Cannot open connection
           at javax.faces.component.MethodBindingMethodExpressionAdapter.invoke(MethodBindingMethodExpressionAdapter.java:102)
           at com.sun.faces.application.ActionListenerImpl.processAction(ActionListenerImpl.java:102)
           ... 56 more
      Caused by: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Cannot open connection
      Caused by:javax.resource.ResourceException: You are trying to use a connection factory that has been shut down: ManagedConnectionFactory is null.

      Now I have to run ant reexplode to make things work.

      Anybody know what this means and how to fix it?

      PS. I switched database from oracle to hsqldb during the re-organization, I'm running hsqlb in Server mode
      (Don't know if this has something to do with the problem?)