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    RSS encoding pb

    Thomas Robert Newbie

      Hi all,

      I tried to use the new RSS feed capabilities of Seam in my app, and I had a pb with the encoding. My data are encoded in ISO-8859-1, but the JAXB marshaller used by yarfraw is using UTF-8 encoding as a default, and I did not find any way to configure it through the yarfraw / seam layers.

      I know it's not really a seam pb, but my questions are :
      - Is there a way that I missed to configure this encoding charset without having direct access to the JAXB marshaller ? (or is there a way to access this marshaller config ?)
      - Are there plans on the Seam side to offer this sort of configuration for feed generation ?

      I must say I love this RSS feature and the way you guys put it. Would clean up lots of code in my application if I could use it.

      Thanks in advance for your answers !


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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Sure, if YARFRAW supports it (as it probably does). But at which point do you need it? I tried putting some åäö into the rss example data and they encoded correctly.

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            Thomas Robert Newbie

            I hope yarfraw supports it, even if I did not find anything specific about it in their API. But I think it shall be possible via yarfraw to access JAXB contexts, and through that setting the encoding (the only thing about that I found in JAXB API is the setProperty() method on Marshaller interface, don't know if you can manipulate that one).

            The ideal, I think, would be to use the encoding parameter in web:character-encoding-filter, and set the Marshaller encoding to the same encoding. Or maybe allow a page-per-page attribute, like some xmlencoding in r:feed ?


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              blabno Master

              I also have problem with polish characters in rss. If my entity is output to html page then all characters are converted to html entities, but when i output entity to rss then they are not converted to html entities and rubish is printed out.
              Data are UTF-8 encoded in database and on xhtml pages. I use seam 2.1.1.GA.

              Nick : how are those åäö output in your rss ?