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    Websphere 7.0.0 - Richfaces skin don't work

    Mauro Velasco Newbie

      Hi all guys, I create a project with seam-gen: Seam 2.1.1.GA , Richfaces 3.3.0 on Websphere 7.0.0, that start finally on WAS 7, but the skin of components don't appear, I think the problem is related with:

      <a:loadStyle src="resource:///stylesheet/theme.xcss"/>

      used in template file, because, changing the path of theme.css to an absolute path with the name of project works, but no one other component (panelgrid, panel, table, etc.) works for me. Anyone can guide me about this problem?? and if possible another two questions: 1. Any  successful experience with SEAM with EJB's 3 on WAS 7.x, my last project using Jboss was really interesting but now with WAS is a little pain... and finally anyone know how to obtain before March 29 the patch 7.0.3.

      thanks in advanced