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    Enable to view the table content generated through seamGenerateEntites

    jyothi a Newbie


      I have a table with few feilds as Mandatory and few feilds as Optional, i have created the table in the database as

      create table sample(vesselname varchar(20) not null,vesselcode varchar(20) not null,portofregistry varchar(20),callsign varchar(20));

      where the mandatory feilds i have mentioned as notnull and optional feilds with out not null.

      After creating the SeamGenarated Entities in seam i have given the mandatory feilds and did not give the optional feilds .

      The save is working properly but when i try to view it i not getting the content of the table in the view.
      and in edit the 'delete'  funtion is not appearing

      But if i enter all the feilds it working properly .

      I want the feilds to be optional and able to view the rest of feilds

      where is the problem , is it in the table how i have created ?
      Or what i should do to view the feilds ?