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    Using Java Beans with @Name tag in Stateless Session Bean

    Parimal Chauhan Newbie
      I am having some troubles while using Java Bean inside Stateless Session Bean.

              @In(required = false)
              @Out(required = false)
              private MstCountry mstCountryEntity;

              @In(required = false)
              @Out(required = false)
              private LocationDTO locationDTO

      I have the above code in the SLSB and mstCountryEntity is an Entity bean where as locationDTO is a Java Bean with @Name annotation.

      Now when show the page to the user using conversation scope, the
      mstCountryEntity object does not change but locationDTO object changes with every click thus the data from the page is not passed back to the Backing SLSB.
      1. I am not too sure what to do here to ensure that the object does not change while in a conversation.

      2. I have tried not to use Bijection and use getter setters here and ended up with an error of Target unreachable.

      3. I changed the getter to create the locationDTO object if it was null and that did not help as well. Currently i am in a fix as this is an issue i need to resolve as i am going to be using various Java Beans for reading data from user so am not too sure what to do.

      Need some guidance here. Thanks a TON in advance