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    Has Anyone had success with Buni mail?

    henrywidd Newbie

      I would like to get buni mail working on my jboss server so i can test emails from my seam apps. However, I tried deploying the mail example and that did not work and i tried putting the all files (wars, ears and so on) from -seam-dist-/mail/buni-meldware into my jboss deploy directory, but still the webmail app or webadmin app dont seem to be working.

      I  realise this is a vague description, but before going into any specifics, is there a step-by-step guide anyone knows of for getting buni working locally? If i could find one that might save a lot of posts.


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          henrywidd Newbie

          to reply to my own post...the problem was not with the mail examples - they seem to work ok, but with getting the buni application working so i could check the emails i had sent. Anyway, if anyone needs a recommendation of a mail server that is really easy to setup for development on your local windows box then i can suggest hMail. Set up took about 5 min and documentation really good, unlike Buni mail, which kept failing on installation