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    a crud example with Seam + GWT

    infinity2heaven Novice

      The reference for integrating GWT with Seam is minimal. The example is rudimentary and doesn't work. JSF examples are excellent though.

      I'm planning to use Seam/Pojos/JPA on tomcat with GWT in the front end. I have fundamental questions:

      -- what benefits do Seam framework give with a GWT client, since GWT is essentially robbing away the entire state management to client -- where does Seam's conversation come into play here? Where is LIE and extended persistence context? Since a GWT/hibernate application normally needs a framework like hibernate4gwt to expose the entities to client side, how does the same work in seam and gwt?

      If anyone has worked with GWT on a webapp extensively with Seam, I'd like to know the complete stack.

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          aozoren Newbie

          I have exactly the same questions..

          For an application like facebook, gmail, etc., (not a crm like capsule) that will have 500 million users and more, it does make sense to utilize the memory and cpu of the clients and keep the most, if not all of the state on the client side..

          for instance, in facebook when you wish to see older posts, you don't paginate, more records are added to the bottom of the page..  it uses ajax extensively, record operations are done via pop ups and dom manipulation..

          i like how seam ties together db, rules, in a server centric world but it makes more and more sense to ditch jsf and move towards the gwt, for it seems like the most mature and somewhat complete client side framework to me -i am open to suggestions-.. vaadin, as far as i can understand, just replaces jsf with gwt but still keeps a stateful server side presence and just for that reason alone, i don't think it is the answer for a facebook scale  application..

          so.. if not going to use jsf does it still make sense to start a seam web project?

          what jboss tools/configuration/etc. do people use for a gwt centric and j2ee/jboss project?