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    Having big problems with 1.1.0.GA-SNAPSHOT build

    Tim Evers Master

      I have the following code

      in my xhtml

       rendered="#{CertificateCreateDataBean.certificate.reason == null}">
       <gekko:defaultAction />

      in my page driver
      public void clickReasonSelect(){

      in my test

      in the SEAM bean
       public String selectReason() {
       Certificate certificate = certificateCreateDataBean.getCertificate();
       if (certificate.getReason() == null) {
       SEAM_ID + ".reason.mandatory",
       "Reason is mandatory");
       else {
       GekkoDate dueDate = certificateDateService.calculateDueDate(
       return "";

      Now after this button is clicked in my test my client has nothing in its html. When I do a getHtmlPageAsText() it is empty.

      I'll keep playing around but, has something really fundamental changed that I need to be aware of? Before upgrading to the latest build all my jsfunit tests were working fine.

      Tim Evers

      For the record. The <gekko:commandButton> is a straight extension of HtmlCommandButton to provide some application specific logic.

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          Tim Evers Master

          Seems this is a htmlunit problem. I should have realised.

          I posted a few weeks back with a similar problem.

          There is still a bug in htmlunit when clicking on commandButtons. I consistently end up with a blank client page.

          I am using a 2.4 snapshot of htmlunit that from what I can tell is from around 11/11/08. Somewhere after that changes were made that has made htmlunit stop working with commandButtons.

          I've still got a few more issues with upgrading to the jsfunit 1.1.0.GA-SNAPSHOT build but most of my tests are now working since i went back to my older htmlunit jar.

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            Tim Evers Master

            Ok, so if I just upgrade my jsfunit jars I run into a problem with ajax.

            I have this xhtml

             oncomplete="hideProcessingPanel();" />
             rendered="#{not TenureKeyController.viewMode}" />

            gekko:textLookup is just a HtmlInputText component.

            So essentially I have a inpuText component with ajax support that fires on the "onchange" event. However, after executing the code that fills in this field the client.getPageAsText() is blank.

            This particular test worked fine in 1.0.0GA snapshot that I got a number of weeks back.

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              Tim Evers Master

              A little more info.... I am finding this message in my logs.

              17:14:31.438 ERROR [http-8080-1] com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.javascript.JavaScriptEngine - runtimeError: message=[innerHTML is read-only for tag table] sourceName=[http://localhost:8080/gekko-tje/a4j/g/3_2_2.GAorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript] line=[117] lineSource=[null] lineOffset=[0]

              not sure if it happens like this on the old version I'll keep trying stuff and see what I find.

              Remote debgging the application is becoming almost impossible now for some reason JSFUnit tests screw with Eclipse's debug.

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                Stan Silvert Master

                I've seen that innerHtml message before. I asked about it on the htmlunit list and here is what Marc had to say:

                Setting innerHTML of a table doesn't work in IE and so does it HtmlUnit
                since release 2.3 (according to change log) when simulating IE.

                So maybe you could try it with Firefox?


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                  Tim Evers Master

                  I'm a little confused by the quote from Marc.

                  Does this mean that I have to run all my tests in FireFox mode because IE mode doesn't support this operation? Or is this a known bug they have that they plan on fixing?

                  Because obviously my application is running fine on IE as that is our target delivery platform. Hence why I was using IE mode for my testing. (Or at least trying to.)

                  I'll hopefully spend a bit more time trying to upgrade the libraries in the next few days, but it is becoming a painful process.

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                    Stan Silvert Master

                    I took it to mean that IE doesn't support setting innerHtml of a table, so they make it behave accordingly. Something is obviously screwed up with that since your app does run on IE.

                    I'm going on vacation for the rest of the week, but if you want to ping Marc at the HtmlUnit list and get back to me I'll try to check back in and see what I can do to help.