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    Seam Excel w async problem

    Jason Long Novice

      I am trying to have a spreadsheet sent via quartz nightly.

      I have two problems.  I would like the seam excel template to be packaged in a jar, but I see no way to render a resource from the classpath.

      Is there a way to do


      but render this from the classpath instead of using a viewId?

      The only way I can get this to work async is to directly reference the SLSB that provides the List that I use to render the template.

      <e:worksheet value="#{costDAO.getSummaryList()}">

      This causes this method, which is expensive, to be called many when rendering the template.
      I tried a @Factory with EVENT and CONVERSATION scope that this could not be resolved.

      Do anyone have any suggestions?

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          Jason Long Novice

          After looking through the Seam source I see that it tries to load from the classpath if the resource cannot be located in via the ServletContext.

          So my first  question was not necessary.  I was just confused by the method signature of

          public String render(final String viewId) 



          I assumed that is would only work with a viewId from the ServletContext.

          I would still appreciate any advice on using a Factory or similar caching strategy to keep the value method from being called many times during rendering.

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            Stuart Douglas Master

            If you set up another method on the same bean to access this list annoted with @BypassInterceptors it should speed things up considerably

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              Jason Long Novice

              How will this help?

              The problem is not that interceptors are slowing this down.
              The problem is that my db query is executed many times because I cannot put this variable in an appropriate scope using a factory method or alternative.

              What contexts are available to an async quartz job?

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                Jason Long Novice

                Setting the value manually in the EVENT context solved the problem I was having.

                Contexts.getEventContext().set("costExportList", costDAO.getSummaryList());

                Is the factory method expected to work in this case because it does not for me?