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    Seam and Mobile applications

    Ahmad Adly Newbie

      Hi, I am new with Seam but I have experience with JSF (MyFaces, Tomahawk and IceFaces).

      Anyway I am now developing web application for financial project. That application should support mobile devices as well as PCs.

      In order to support hand-held devices, I may need to know if Seam support for developing mobile applications. Also I will approciate any references to show how to do this.


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          Julien Kronegg Novice

          You should describe what you mean by mobile applications and which mobile device you plan to use.

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            Ahmad Adly Newbie

            Yes, i mean with mobile applications, web applications that can be viewed or browsed on mobile devices including mobiles that support WAP and Web, or by another meaning mobiles that can understand WML or XHTML. Most of JSF implementations concern with HTML Render Kits, after google about JSF implementation that support WML rendering or something like this, I found some people were talking about MobileFaces.

            About your second question, we are planning to support, in abstract, all mobile devices including those support WAP and Web.

            That is it. I hope to find answers. And How do I integrate additional framworks like MobileFaces to provide more functionality to JBoss Seam?


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              aozoren Newbie

              Ahmad, I have used seam with mobile jsf with a lot of copy and paste for one project. It involves using JSPs, instead of XHMTLs, and mobile jsf libraries in the classpath and I can send you the project if you mail me at aozorenatgmail.com. I could not get the same seam ear to host (to use same entity/session beans) both mobile war and desktop war at the same time and it is probably not possible with seam so a scenario like people using your application on their wap phones and their desktops at the same time can't be done with seam easily because having two wars (with different classpaths - one having mobile jsf libraries and using jsf, other using xhtml) does not seam possible with seam. If anyone thinks it is possible, I'd like to hear jboss tools steps to produce this effect. But don't hold your breath because two wars in one ear is the holy grail in this forum, asked umpteen times and answered never. In the meantime check aribaweb.org. It seems like a good alternative.

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                Arbi Sookazian Master

                Finally, we've put in some serious work towards making Seam work better for applications that deploy over multiple WAR files. If that's something you've been having issues with, we definitely recommend that you give Seam 2.2 a try.


                It would be nice if there was a project added to the examples directory of the Seam distro that demonstrated an app that renders both HTML (for PCs) and WML (for handheld devices).

                By applications that deploy over multiple WAR files, I imagine PMuir means an EAR that has two or more WARs packaged in it.

                And I'm wondering how often and why a project needs to have more than one WAR in the EAR?  Or what if you have two WARs but no EJBs, do you still use an EAR?