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    Any notion of JBPM Form support in seam?

    Andy Conn Newbie

      I apologize in advance for the newbie questions:

      I have noticed while playing around with the JBPM designer tool, that there is the capability to generate forms based on associated variables in tasks.  Furthermore, in the JBOSS online JBPM demo, it appears that auto-generated forms are being used transparently in the JBPM Console during process execution.

      1) Is there any ability to leverage this JBPM form capability within a SEAM application or do I need to write my forms by hand?

      2) What is the preferred way to navigate to a form associated with a given task? 

      For instance, a user has a task list made up of a number of different tasks from a number of different processes.  I would like the user to be directly linked to the form tied to the clicked Task.

      3) Does the JBPM console provide any value (other than monitoring) to a process initiated from within a SEAM app?

      Thanks - Andy