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    best practice?

    Gerald Anderson Newbie

      Hi all.  I've got a seam-gen project with icefaces (2.1.1.GA and 1.7.2 respectively).  I have a situation where I have an ice:dataTable within an ice:dataTable that I need to display either 1 or all results.  For instance:

      <ice:dataTable id="parentDataTable"
              <ice:dataTable id="childDataTable"

      When the table is first displayed, the childDataTable should show only 1 result based on a sort.  Below the childDataTable there would be a (more...) link which when clicked would display all children in the table.

      I have come up with a couple ways of doing this, including just adding a method to childList and passing a parent.id parameter and setting childList.maxResults to 1, Then put a childList.maxResults in the more link but that seems very clunky.  I know that parent.children isn't going to do me any favors.

      Is there some feature to the framework that I'm missing, or has anybody else found a more elegant away around this?

      Thanks in advance!