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    Identity rememberMe.enabled - @UserPrincipal

    soares gouveia Newbie

      Hi people,

      I´m using the Seam 2.1.1 GA. I´m trying to use the RememberMe feature and the @UserPrincipal annotation in my Entity is an e-mail attribute, because in my application the property Email is used to login and is unique in the database table. The problem that I have is when I check the RememberMe attribute on the login view. When I return again to the login screen the RememberMe is enabled like spected, and it is ok, but the email value setted in the Credentials field used as UserPrincipal is writed only until the '@' character, the rest of the email is not writed... Ex.: if the email is: someuser@email.com, when RememberMe is enabled it is printed only someuser. Is that a bug?